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Primary 6

Welcome to Year 6!

World Book Day Fun!

P6 dressed today in their own clothes and made a 50p donation to support Cancer Focus NI.  Lucy visited P6 and held a 30 minute workshop discussing their Smokebusters programme with P6.
Mr Peter McAlister visited Primary 6 today and taught the class about wind turbines.  He demonstrated how electricity is generated in a turbine before leading a workshop where P6 were challenged in groups to design and build their own turbines.A great day was had by all.Thank you Peter.

Happy New Year from everyone in Primary 6 and thank you for your very kind and generous gifts at Christmas.


Just before Christmas the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland delivered a food and fitness workshop to Primary 5 and Primary 6.  During the sessions pupils explored the concept of a balanced diet and lifestyle remembering the importance of physical activity.  

P6 planned, designed and made some parachutes and tested them out from the climbing frame.  We put a hard boiled egg into a plastic cup with the aim of keeping the parachute in the air for as long as possible whilst preventing the egg from cracking on landing.
P6 have been busy this term looking at instructional writing.  After looking at samples of instructional writing and analysing the features of the various samples we did some modelled, shared and guided writing with Miss Galloway about how to make a paper plane.  Of course before we could write the instructions we had a fun session becoming familiar with how to make paper planes, decorated them and tested them out to see how far they could fly.  Following on from that we then independently wrote a set of instructions for how to make a kite.  When we had the first draft of our instructions written we took part in some peer assessment and gave feedback to our partners as to how we could improve our instructions further.  We took that advice on board and edited/redrafted our instructions before publishing our instructions one final time.  

P6 Assembly- An adventure in flight

Mrs Wilson from Santander bank leads the children in a “How to manage money” workshop!

CPR training with Mark Agnew from NI Ambulance Service

Calculating averages