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Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7
Primary 7 have had a busy few weeks back at school preparing their manifestos for the School Council elections.
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Barry Tapster from Mid and East Antrim Borough Council talked to Primary 7 about recycling.
During Numeracy Primary 7 used clixi to revise 3D shape nets and their properties.  They also investigated how many different nets there are for a cube.  They found 11 different nets.
In Literacy Primary 7 have been revising contractions.  They enjoyed playing a Contraction Scoot game.  
David from Action Mental Health came in to talk to Primary 7 about mental health and how important it is as well as physical health.  The children became familiar with the ‘Take 5 a day to keeping happy and healthy’.  The 5 steps are learn, be active, give, take notice and connect.  The photos show P7 having fun with David.  

Victorian Day


Primary 7 enjoyed participating in an educational workshop to explore more about life in Victorian times.  They were provided with the opportunity to dress like a Victorian, play games that were popular during Victorian times, write with a dip pen and ink, make a whirligig and take a Victorian Timeline quiz.  They also listened to and watched a PowerPoint presentation.  Primary 7 rounded off a very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable day by building a miniature film set ‘Down the mines’. Have a look at the photographs to see Primary 7 enjoying the interactive workshop.  

Today, Tuesday 16 October, is ‘Restart a Heart Day’.  Mark from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service came to school today to provide some CPR training for Primary 7.  Mark discussed the importance of being able to perform CPR and modelled how to carry it out.  Primary 7 enjoyed the opportunity of performing CPR on Resusci Anne.
NSPCC Speak out Stay safe assembly and workshops

Shoebox Appeal


Thank you to everyone who supported the Shoebox Appeal this year.

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Circle designs

Primary 7 have been learning about the properties of a circle.  They now know the mathematical terms radius, diameter, centre and circumference.  Primary 7 also know how to calculate the radius of a circle when given the diameter and vice versa.  Primary 7 put their new mathematical knowledge to the test and used a compass to create some circle designs.  They thought using a compass was tricky initially but by the end of their work they had made good progress.

Synonym people

Primary 7 revised synonyms.  Then they made a synonym person.  Have a look at the photos to see Primary 7 busy at work.

Primary 7 invent their own toothpaste.

Primary 7 became like the Victorians on Friday and invented their own toothpaste.  They had a lot of fun!



Primary 7 have been learning about tessellations.  They used 2D shapes to make their own tessellating patterns.

Instructional writing


Primary 7 have been looking at instructional writing.  They have examined various samples of instructional writing and have become familiar with and analysed the features associated with it.  Primary 7 have studied lots of areas in grammar which will help them with their independent piece of instructional writing.  Primary 7 are going to write their instructions independently explaining how to play Ludo.  Before they write their own instructions modelled writing took place on how to play Snakes and Ladders.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed playing both Snakes and Ladders and Ludo to help them become familiar with the rules before they write their instructions.  

Mrs Wilson delivers Junior Moneywise programme to Primary 7
Mrs Wilson from Santander very kindly came into school to deliver the Junior Moneywise programme to Primary 7.  They learnt a lot about money.  How to save money, about good and bad PINs and passwords and also about identity theft.  Towards the end of the session Primary 7 were asked to design a poster displaying what they had learned during delivery of the programme.  Have a look at the photos below which show Primary 7 busy at work.  Mrs Wilson presented each child with a certificate and a pencil case with some stationery inside.  Thank you to Mrs Wilson for delivering such an interesting and informative session.