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Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7

Coaching for Christ

Primary 7 thoroughly enjoyed their first coaching session with the coaches from Coaching for Christ.

Amazing Adjectives

3D shapes

Primary 7 revising the names and properties of 3D shapes and carrying out an investigation to determine the number of different nets for a cube.

Contraction Scoot game

Primary 7 enjoyed revising contractions while playing a game of Contraction Scoot.  The children loved this game and were very good at it.



Congratulations to our Under 11 Irish Dancing champion.  Well done!



Primary 7 beginning their Penny Black art work.  Come back soon to see the finished stamps.



Primary 7 busy at work.  Being a Victorian landlord it is hard keeping track of all employees so a spreadsheet was the way forward.  There were changes in staffing levels so spreadsheet data was altered to reflect this.  With times being tight and only having £350 at the most to spend on employees, decisions had to be made by Primary 7 but they were all sensible and didn’t leave themselves without any employees to have to do all the work themselves.

Wes Magee visits Primary 7


Victorian Day


Restart a Heart Day

Academy Familiarisation Days


Children sitting Transfer Tests in Ballymena Academy have the opportunity to attend a familiarisation day with parents on 5th or 6th November from 4.15pm to 5.15pm.  Parents will receive information about this in the post soon.

Cambridge House Grammar School Familiarisation Night


A familiarisation night is being held on Tuesday 22 October in Assembly Hall 1 at 6.30pm for parents and Primary 7 children who are sitting AQE Common Entrance Assessment in the school.

Irish Dancing winner


Well done to Katie from everyone in Primary 7 for her recent success in Irish Dancing.  She came first, twice in competitions she entered and received 2 cups and a badge.


Well done to Jessica who received a ‘Player of the night’ medal at football last night. 

Picture 1


Primary 7 have been busy revising synonyms. They made synonym people today.


Katie had a very busy half term Irish Dancing.  She took part in the Ulster Championships and came third.  Well done again!

Picture 1


Primary 7 watched Maths Live TV today to revise tessellations and had lots of fun using 2D shapes to make their own tessellating patterns.

Bugsy Malone production at Ballymena Academy

Primary 7 thoroughly enjoyed watching the performance of Bugsy Malone at Ballymena Academy today.  Well done to all of the cast and people working behind the scenes.  We had a really good time.  Thank you for inviting us to watch the performance and good luck for your night performances.  

Winter windows

Primary 7 relaxed whilst creating their winter windows.  Well done P7 I am very impressed.  The winter windows will be put on a display board in school and the website updated for everyone to see the windows on display.  

Gathering content for creative writing


Primary 7 enjoyed playing a game of Pick Up Sticks.  We are beginning to write instructions during our creative writing sessions to explain how to play the game.

Calamity Jane Production

Many thanks to Dunclug College for inviting Primary 7 to see their production of Calamity Jane.  Primary 7 really enjoyed the brilliant acting, singing and dancing.  Well done to everyone involved for all the hard work and best wishes for your final show.

Ballymena Academy concert

Winter Windows Display

We hope you will agree our winter windows have made a beautiful display.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Primary 7 become inventors


Primary 7 invented their own toothpaste today.