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Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7

Last few days in P7

Mathletics certificates

AR certificates

Coaching for Christ Festival Day

Cycling Proficiency Certificates

Amazing Brains Workshop

Primary 7 thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Amazing Brains workshops.  Lots of fun was had by all.  The workshop addressed a positive mindset, maximising the brain’s potential and practical tips and techniques for making new friends in Post Primary School.  

It’s Your Move

Primary 7 are thinking about the changes, challenges and choices they will face as they move to Post Primary School.

Sports Day

Love for Life

The ‘What’s Inside’ programme was delivered to Primary 7 this morning.  Thank you to Heather Joy and Nathan from Love for Life.


Action Mental Health Healthy Me Programme

Rachel from Action Mental Health talked to Primary 7 today about their physical and mental health.  The Take 5 steps to a healthy me were discussed.

Post Primary School

Parents, your child will find out his/her Post Primary School place on 12 June, not 19 June as originally stated.

Primary 7 enjoying some time in The Happy Hut

Traffic Survey

Primary 7 collected data on the vehicles passing school and then created graphs.

Water marbling

Miss Lowry showed Primary 7 how to water marble.  They had lots of fun and then drew their own fish to add ontop of the water marbling pattern.


Primary 7 have been learning how some people in foreign countries are not as fortunate as us and cannot just turn on a tap to get water.  They have to walk miles every day and when they arrive unfortunately the water they get is not clean.  Primary 7 have been learning how Lola travels 12, 874 m every day to get water.  Primary 7 tried to empathise with Lala by carrying a bucket of water for 2 minutes.  They had lots of fun but realise the hard work Lola encounters every day.  In total Primary 7 travelled 6, 951m which is approximately half the distance travelled by Lala.

Mid and East Antrim GOGA Wellbeing Club Programme

Primary 7 have been taking part in a mental health and well being programme being delivered virtually by Mid and East Antrim.  They are focusing on the 5 steps to wellbeing of connect, keep learning, be active, take notice and give.

Filtering experiment

Primary 7 filtered some dirty water through gravel and sand to produce clear water.  They had a lot of fun!


Primary 7 used metre sticks to measure the length of items they found outside.

Water Cycle

Primary 7 worked in groups to make posters to explain the water cycle.  They look fabulous.

Coaching for Christ

Primary 7 are glad to have coaching sessions with Coaching for Christ again.

Synonym people


Back together again.


Primary 7 enjoyed their first day back together in the classroom.  We did lots of discussion work and creative activities today.

Tessellating Christmas Tree
Christmas Jumper and Movie Day

Mid and East Antrim Borough Colouring Competition winner

Well done to our Primary 7 winner.  Winning posters are displayed at the Recycling Centre on the Waveney Road. 

Christmas Games, Sock and Dinner Day
Special visitor and selection boxes
Thank you to Santa for visiting today and delivering the selection boxes to our classroom.  Many thanks to Mrs Burney for buying everyone the treats.
Making reindeer food
The Night Before Christmas

Party Day

Primary 7 are ready to party!

Festive Fun in Primary 7

Primary 7 enjoyed making Christmas bauble cards, snowmen and 3D stars.  

 Christmas Hat Day in Primary 7

Cambridge House AQE Familiarisation 

This year, AQE Familiarisation will be virtual due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19.  This, and seating information, will be sent out to parents before the Christmas break; the tests will take place in the two Assembly Halls.  

If you have any queries, please contact Cambridge House directly.

Primary 7 Winter Wonderland

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Road Safety NI Competition Runners Up


Primary 7 matched equivalent fraction, decimal and percentage cards.  

Odd Sock Day

World Kindness Day

Primary 7 caught each other being kind.

Penny Blacks

Primary 7 enjoyed producing penny black stamps.  They covered a page with yellow crayon and then painted it black.  Using a cocktail stick they were able to scratch the design for the penny black.  

Instructional Writing
Primary 7 have been revising the features of instructional writing.  They were able to put jumbled instructions in the correct order and label many instructional writing features such as the title, sub headings, imperative verbs and bullet points.

Ballymena Academy Familiarisation Days

Ballymena Academy will be in touch shortly with parents of children who are sitting Transfer Tests there, as they are holding a Familiarisation Event on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December.  Candidates will be given a dedicated time to attend.  There will be a familiarisation video for children unable to attend.  

Transfer Information


Key Dates 2020/21


AQE Key Dates & Deadlines 2020/21 (PDF Download) - Updated 3rd September.


Assessment Dates

Saturday 9th Jan 2021: AQE (CEA) 1st Paper.
Saturday 16th Jan 2021: AQE (CEA) 2nd Paper.
Saturday 23rd Jan 2021: AQE (CEA) 3rd Paper.
Saturday 30th Jan 2021: GL Assessment.
Saturday 6th Feb 2021: GL Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Registration Opens

Thursday 14th May 2020: AQE (CEA) registration opens.
Monday 1st June 2020: PPTC (GL Assessment) registration opens.

Please note, it is the responsibility of parents to enter children for the tests.


Registration Closes

Friday 9th October 2020: AQE (CEA) registration closes (4pm).
Friday 16th October 2020: PPTC (GL Assessment) registration closes (2pm).



Saturday 6th March 2021: AQE (CEA) results arrive at children’s homes.
Saturday 6th March 2021: PPTC (GL Assessment) results arrive at children’s homes.



March 2021: AQE (CEA) re-mark request form submission deadline. (date tbc)


Applying to post-primary schools

March 2021: Primary principals will hold meetings with parents and complete Transfer Forms for post-primary education. Transfer Forms will be sent to the Education Authority.


School Allocation

May/June 2021 - Parents are informed by the Education Authority which school that their child has been allocated to.

Fun in the sun

Nets of a cube

Primary 7 used clixi to investigate the nets of a cube.  They found there are 11 nets for a cube.

Busy start to school year

Primary 7 have had a busy start to the school year.  During Literacy we have been revising adjectives.  Everyone thought on adjectives that could be used to describe someone else in the class.  We were really impressed with the kind, positive adjectives suggested.  Have a look at our display.  We think it looks fabulous.