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Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7

Victorian Day


Primary 7 designed adjective clouds by thinking on adjectives to describe the person they sit beside.  

Factor Investigation

Primary 7 used 12 cubes to make rectangles of different sizes.  They discovered that the measurements of the rectangles were actually the factors of 12.


Primary 7 were looking at number sequences today in class.  They used matchsticks to make and extend pictorial sequences and also worked with numeric sequences.

Transfer Test Dates

Assessment Dates

Saturday 13th Nov 2021: GL Assessment.
Saturday 20th Nov 2021: AQE (CEA) 1st Paper.
Saturday 27th Nov 2021: AQE (CEA) 2nd Paper.
Saturday 4th Dec 2021: AQE (CEA) 3rd Paper.
Saturday 11th Dec 2021: GL Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Registration Opens

Tuesday 25th May 2021: AQE (CEA) registration opens.
Tuesday 1st June 2021: PPTC (GL Assessment) registration opens.


Registration Closes

Friday 24th Sept. 2021: AQE (CEA) registration closes (5pm)
Friday 24th Sept. 2021: PPTC (GL Assessment) registration closes (2pm).


Special Circumstances

Wednesday 15th Dec 2021: PPTC (GL Assessment) deadline for registering claims for Special Circumstances (2.00 pm).



Saturday 5th Feb 2022: AQE (CEA) results arrive at children’s homes.
Saturday 5th Feb 2022: PPTC (GL Assessment) results arrive at children’s homes.



PE Days

Primary 7 will have Games on a Wednesday afternoon and PE on a Thursday afternoon.  Children should come to school wearing their PE kit on both days.