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Google Classroom questionnaire

Dear Parent, 

We are now into our fourth week of Google Classroom.  This has been a massive learning curve for us all and we want to say a heartfelt thank you to our parents for all your understanding and hard work.  

We appreciate that all home settings are not the same; some of you are key workers and continuing to go to your work, some of you are working from home, looking after younger children, some homes have access to only one device with more than one child needing to access it, some of you have children in other schools and so on. And that’s not to mention the extra cooking, cleaning and washing that comes with the children being at home!!! 

In most classrooms, teachers have been putting up work twice weekly, Literacy, Numeracy and Topic work.  This is to help parents who are not on Google Classroom every day and need to plan ahead. 

We would be keen to have your feedback on how Google Classroom is working for you, anything you are finding difficult, how we can better support you and the children and also what you like about it.

Please complete the short questionnaire and return it to us by Tuesday 5th May.

Please click on the link below:

Moorfields Google Classroom survey